Argentex Clients Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.

Argentex is a debt-free, profitable and cash rich company.

Our world class systems, procedures and proprietary platforms sit on the foundations of the impeccable heritage of the family offices that have backed us.



“We have been delighted by the service we have received from the team at Argentex. Everyone at the company is engaging and willing to work hard to deliver what we want. Importantly, the people at Argentex will do their very best to complete a trade, but they are honest when they think it won’t work, or where they believe we are pitching at the wrong price."

"FX is a very unusual field within financial services. It has its own unique language, which can make it a minefield for those that are not dealing with it 24/7. The team at Argentex help us to navigate that minefield, and they navigate it very well indeed.”



England and Wales Cricket Board

"During the tender process, Argentex set themselves apart by taking the time to actually understand our business rather than presenting complex solutions to problems that do not exist."

"I have enjoyed working with the same people since our initial meeting, often taking the time to hear their view on the market."




“The team at Argentex have provided us with some exceptionally valuable insights into the complex world of currency management."

"Their advice is always delivered in a plain straight forward manner, removing the jargon, informing our decisions and helping us choose the best currency strategies for our business.”




"Argentex has always been a proactive and helpful contact for our business. We have established a great contact in Jack, and he and his colleagues are always willing to listen and discuss our views, options and opinions."

"The level of professionalism and honesty is also very refreshing. If Argentex cannot help, or feel we already have a good grasp of the market or situation, they will say so.
We have built a good solid relationship off the back of those characteristics.”




“We were contacted by Argentex in 2013 and have since opened 25 different trading accounts for our separate funds and management entities."

"I have found Argentex to be competitive and professional whilst clearly demonstrating how our money is safeguarded. Many of my colleagues have also used them personally and feedback is always positive.”




"I was introduced to Argentex in 2015, not only are their rates consistently better than the bank, they are a pleasure to deal with."

"No call centre, no voice recognition - just real people doing what they promised."