FAQs Frequently Asked Questions


With a diversity of organisations and individuals spread across the globe, we recognise the highly unique requirements of our clients. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource has been written with such needs in mind, to assist you in fully understanding Argentex foreign exchange services.


The easiest way to register with Argentex is online. Complete the application form and upload any supporting documentation.

You will be contacted personally by your dedicated dealer to confirm your account is open. Alternatively, you can download the account opening form here, or request one through the post, which you can post, email or fax back to us.



Yes. Please complete the application form.

Depending on your country of residence we may require additional documentation such as proof of address and additional proof of identity. Please contact us to find out exactly what documentation will be required.

Through Argentex Online, yes. However, you can also book all your transactions through a dedicated dealer.

We are happy to receive instructions to buy currency via email, although normally transactions are booked over the telephone so that we can ensure that you receive the best possible rate at any given time.

When we agree a rate of exchange on a transaction you are contracted at that price.

We immediately buy the currency on your behalf, so if the rate changes between booking the rate and paying Argentex it will not impact upon your transaction at all.

We will deliver your currency in the quickest available timeframe.

In most cases this is the same working day, although sometimes due to time zones and working hours this may be the next working day. You will be informed before you book the deal if settlement will not be the same day.

Completing the application form takes less than 5 minutes.

When we receive your information we will begin to process your application immediately. Occasionally we may require additional identification documents but most of our clients will be up and running straight away.

Argentex is part of Argentex LLP which handles foreign exchange transactions for corporates and financial institutions across Europe.

Our revenue is made solely from the difference between the rate we buy at and the rate we pass on to our clients. Together these businesses transact billions of pounds and so we command institutional levels of pricing from multiple counterparties which are not available to individuals and corporates. This means we pass on tighter pricing to our clients. We do not have the overheads or loss-making activities of a bank to subsidise, and by leveraging the expertise, systems and buying power of Argentex Group PLC we are able to significantly undercut both the banks and other less well capitalised providers.

We understand that international payments can come in all sizes both large and small, therefore there is no maximum or minimum at Argentex.

We are here to save you money so in rare cases we may suggest alternative methods of transfer that are more cost effective, for example if you are transferring very small amounts. There is no maximum amount you can trade.

Yes. Argentex has developed its technical interface to the highest and most robust industry standards.

Yes, you can log in to your secure client area to view all historical trades.

You can also manage beneficiaries and edit your contact information. Alternatively, simply ask your dedicated dealer and they will be able to provide you with any details you may require. You may also opt to receive regular statements of your account.

Argentex does not levy any fees, commissions or transfer charges.

Your actual saving will depend on many factors such as volume, currency, your bank and even the time of the day.

High street banks can typically charge anything up to 5% on each transaction whilst private banks and premier accounts may charge less. Regardless of size, currency and bank, we can provide a free quote and will be able to compare this to your bank rate to tell you your exact saving before you go ahead and make the transaction.

Argentex offers electronic delivery of the following currencies:

AED – United Arab Emirates dirham
AUD – Australian dollar
BHD – Bahraini dinar
CAD – Canadian dollar
CHF – Swiss franc
CZK – Czech koruna
DKK – Danish krone
EGP – Egyptian pound
EUR – Euro
GBP – British pound
HKD – Hong Kong dollar
HUF – Hungarian forint
ILS – Israeli shekel
KES – Kenyan shilling
LTL – Lithuanian litas
MUR – Mauritian rupee
MXN – Mexican peso
NOK – Norwegian krone
NZD – New Zealand dollar
OMR – Omani rial
PHP – Philippine peso
PLN – Polish zloty
RON – Romanian new leu
SAR – Saudi Arabian riyal
SEK – Swedish krona
SGD – Singapore dollar
THB – Thai baht
TRY – New Turkish lira
UGX – Ugandan shilling
USD – US dollar
ZAR – South African rand
ZMW – Zambian kwacha
…and more upon request

This depends on country and currency. The most common are listed below, but should your currency not appear on the list please contact your dedicated dealer or our general switchboard for an answer.

UK – Account Number & Sort Code or IBAN & SWIFT
Europe – IBAN & SWIFT
USA – ABA Routing Number or SWIFT
Canada – Transit Code & SWIFT
Australia – BSB Code or SWIFT
New Zealand – Bank Code & SWIFT
South Africa – Account Number & SWIFT
UAE – Account Number & SWIFT
India – IFSC Number & SWIFT