From Uncertainty to Clarity: Why every Business needs an FX Policy and How to Write Yours

Webinar On-Demand

Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2024 

Time: 3:00 BST // 4:00 CET 

Macroeconomic and geopolitical risk factors are constant headwinds for business leaders and volatility is guaranteed. Currency is a risk that can be managed and controlled.  

Watch our webinar as Joe Duffelen hosts an insightful discussion with currency experts Phil Stephens, Head of Dealing and Joe Tuckey, Head of FX Analysis. Together, they unpack the components of an effective FX policy, covering:   

  • Defining your risk tolerance 
  • Aligning business objectives and compliance requirements 
  • Anticipating shocks and strategic planning through stress testing and scenario modelling 
  • Ensuring that your senior management team and decision-makers are on the same page
  • Fundamental events on the horizon that may drive FX volatility

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