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Foreign exchange doesn't have to be a complicated process. For most of our clients, the issue is as simple as having one currency and needing another either now or at a future date.

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Our clients use us for bespoke advice, tailored hedging strategies, spot, forward and structured products. We also offer payment services and an online portal should you want to manage your own trades.

We operate like a private bank, giving our clients a bespoke service every time they deal with us. Our clients range from institutions, corporates and private clients of varying sizes. Their needs will differ but Argentex delivers the best solution every time due to the experienced and passionate teams from account management, analysis and trading through to settlements and compliance. 

Argentex is top of Bloomberg’s global FX forecast rankings for both GBP/EUR and GBP/USD, demonstrating the leading and reliable market insight made available to Argentex clients.


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Some of our clients

Fostering long-term client relationships


Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients which is why ‘Treating Your Customer fairly’, is not just an FCA principle for us but a core precept of how we deal with every client.

Once a client has been assigned a dealer, it is their job to work with that client, on their terms, to identify and quantify any FX risks inherent in their business and present a range of strategies that will entail at least one of either spot, forward or options trade, that can mitigate those risks to enable informed decisions.

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Fostering long-term client relationships


Our core clients have one thing in common – they are people that like speaking to people. Clients who simply want a price provider and no relationship are unlikely to find themselves amongst our client base and are often better served by a less sophisticated retail broker or a high street bank. 

Financial Services (33%)

Other (9%)

Insurance (6%)

Legal and Consultancy (4%)

Pharmaceuticals/Medical Equipment/Medical Research (4%)

Technology/IT and Telecommunication (4%)

Food and Beverages (4%)

Retail/Wholesale (3%)

Mining and Energy (3%)

Sports (3%)

Media and Marketing (3%)

Electronics/Electrical Components (3%)

Transport and Logistic (3%)

Motor/Vehicle/Aerospace (3%)

Holiday and Travel Agency/Accommodation (3%)

Software Industry (2%)

Private Client (2%)

Property (2%)

Agriculture (2%)

E-commerce (1%)

Architecture/Interior Design/Home Furnishing (1%)

Hospitality and Events (1%)

Jewellery and Art (1%)

Charity (1%)