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Analytical Experience


Structure, process and transparency


At Argentex we’re proud of our robust business model and balance-sheet strength. Something that’s built around a programme of investment in technology, compliance and risk management. 

We do things the right way, too. We have a culture of compliance and an emphasis on strong governance. Because we never forget it’s your money we’re dealing with.



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Compliance As Standard


All our clients are provided with a customised service portfolio to suit their specific foreign exchange needs.

Argentex provides a range of foreign exchange services, allowing clients to utilise our dedicated dealers or our personalised online hub (‘Argentex Online’) either independently or in conjunction with one another.



The Argentex Way

Supported by a wide team of market experts, our professional traders are the foundation of how we do business.


Each client has a dedicated trader: a seasoned market professional trained to understand your financial requirements and experienced in executing trades of all sizes in all market conditions. They act only with your approval, on your behalf and in your exclusive interest.

They’ll also oversee every step of the exchange process. Which means by registering with Argentex you can expect excellence and transparency with every foreign exchange transaction you make. From the initial contact to the final settled trade.


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