Argentex at the ACT Annual Conference 2024

We’re looking forward to meeting present and future clients at the ACT Annual Conference 2024. Don’t miss out on this informative session to understand how to develop a solid, data-driven FX policy.  

Get in touch via connect@argentex.com to arrange a time to meet at the event.  

Crafting an Effective Data-Driven FX Policy

Joe Duffelen, Director at Argentex, will be speaking at the upcoming ACT conference in Liverpool on 21 & 22 May. His session, held in the Silent Theatre, will focus on “Crafting an Effective Data-Driven FX Policy”. 

Joe will delve into the benefits of a documented FX policy, a crucial tool for guiding decision-makers in today’s volatile financial landscape. He’ll discuss key considerations for your policy, including risk tolerance, business objectives, and compliance requirements. 

Find out how to better anticipate market shocks and aid strategic planning through stress testing and scenario modelling. These techniques can provide valuable insights, helping your organisation navigate the complex world of foreign exchange. 

Joe Duffelen, Director, Argentex
Speaker: Joe Duffelen, Director at Argentex

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